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Super Magnets & Waterproof!

Posted by Bart Morse on
Super Magnets & Waterproof!


Reviewed in the United States on November 8, 2019
Five Stars
"Great box! Super magnets!! I purchased three boxes (this and two MiniMags - The “2” and the Plus Extra Large) and tested for adhesion and water entry. All had 2 great magnets but the clear winner is this Gorilla Box. Then I placed all three boxes in a deep sauté pan and filled pan with water over the top of the boxes and left them for two days. The magnets held them under - all three were actually tough to get off the bottom of the pan. Opened the boxes and the Gorilla was completely dry. Check photo. The two MiniMag’s had a thimble each of water.

This was not a scientific test but... I’m buying the Gorilla’s for my project. I have no idea how either brand will perform at 70mph in driving rain, but... again. Anyway, these were all nice boxes - sturdy as hell and the magnets on all three impressed.

The Gorilla is roughly the same size and price as the MiniMag 2 - if you toss out the foam both should fit two sets of keys (2ea - key and separate fob). Certainly would fit a couple of key/fob combos and a large Tile (BT locator). If more space is needed you need the Plus Extra Large for $40ish. However there is nothing “jumbo” or “extra large” about it - it won’t fit a cell phone. A flip phone sure, but I’m a bit hard pressed to come up with a main stream application that the $20 guys can’t handle."

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